Marshall Mathers III—more famously known as Eminem—may have set a Hollywood arrest record by managing to be arrested two times on the same day in June 2000 for weapons charges. The first incident took place in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak and involved members of the entourage of a rival Detroit rap group, the Insane Clown Posse. Following an argument with one of the Posse’s employees, Mathers was arrested for allegedly brandishing a gun. In a separate unrelated incident later that day, Mathers was arrested in the Detroit suburb of Warren outside the Hot Rocks Café. According to police reports, Mathers found his estranged wife kissing another man in the parking lot. A fight broke out and Mathers allegedly pulled a gun on the man. Mathers maintained his innocence with regards to both events, and he was sentenced to three years’ probation.

According to Mathers, the incidents helped him change his life. In an interview with a New York Times reporter and commentator, Mathers explained that “I just got caught up in the drinking and the drugs and fighting and just wilding out and doing dumb things I shouldn’t have been doing. But I came out of them and I conquered it. Something really bad could have happened to me. I could be in jail. I could have been shot. I could have been killed. And I’m proud of myself now for not only my accomplishments but for pulling through all that.”