Abraham “Bo” Weinberg was born to Russian parents in 1897. The family moved to New York City in the early 20th century. As a young man, Abraham Weinberg entered the world of organized crime. His younger brother, George, followed him into the family business as well. During Prohibition, as Dutch Schultz expanded his bootlegging empire from the Bronx into Manhattan, Abraham and George Weinberg joined Schultz’s gang. Abraham became one of Schultz’s most trusted confidants and hit men. He was suspected of killing several of Dutch Schultz’s criminal competitors, including Jack “Legs” Diamond, “Mad Dog” Coll, and Salvatore Maranzano, during the Manhattan Bootleg Wars.

In 1933, when Dutch Schultz went into hiding to avoid facing tax evasion charges, Abraham Weinberg ran Schultz’s criminal empire for him. When Schultz came out of hiding, he suspected that Weinberg was conspiring with Lucky Luciano and Lepke Buchalter to retain control of Schultz’s organization. Abraham Weinberg was last seen on September 9, 1935, at a Manhattan nightclub. Popular rumors allege that Dutch Schultz encased Weinberg’s feet in a block of cement and dumped him in the East River while still alive.

Artwork Information:
Abraham “Bo” Weinberg, 2009
Mixed Media Silkscreen on Paper
19″ x 29″a