Skylar Deleon is facing the death penalty in the double murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks. Deleon, his wife, child, and three associates boarded the Hawks’ Yacht with the intention of purchasing it. But the plan all along was to overpower the couple, get access their bank accounts, and force them to sign over the Yacht. Afterwards, the Hawks were tied to the anchor and thrown overboard. The Deleon’s tried to pass as the new owners, but no one bought it. Deleona’s wife was convicted on two counts of first degree murder in 2006, and jury selection began for his trial on September 22. While Deleon has been in prison he has been accused of killing an Anaheim resident in 2003 and trying to persuade another inmate to murder his father and cousin, and he also attempted to castrate himself with a razor blade.

The media is focusing their story on the fact that Deleon appeared on the popular live action TV series The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. However, others are reporting something else. Some inform that he had a regular non-speaking role and others suggest he was an extra in the movie of the same name, and there was actually even one article that claimed both. But fans of the spin off of the Japanese Super Sentai franchise aren’t able to remember him and lists him as appearing in only one episode. So why is the mass media using words like ‘star’ when attributing Deleon, and not words like ‘scum?’ I actually know why, sorry. Because telling us that a once prominent child ‘star’ is now mentally deranged is a lot more consumer friendly than informing us that there is one more loon on the street. When mentioning Deleon the media insists upon calling him an actor and at the most horrific the ‘former child star.’ Anything attached to celebrity makes for juicer gossip, even if you have to reach very far for the truth and it is only sort of the truth.–posted by Robert Shipton