In Urbana, Ohio, Andrew Vactor, 24, was fined $150 for listening to rap music too loudly in his car.’ The judge offered to reduce the fine to $35 if the man spent 20 hours listening to classical music.’ So much for the whole cruel and unusual punishment thing.’ Attempting to impose good taste on someone isn’t justice is it?’ Vactor refused the judge’s offer and paid the fine in full.’ He said it wasn’t the music that was the problem; it was just that he didn’t have 20 hours to waste.’ I don’t blame the kid if we’re talking about 5 hour listening sessions or something, but if he could have spread it out, someone should have told him how wonderful Bach could be while you’re cooking dinner or dozing off to sleep.’ Times are tight, save $115.’ The beauty of classical music is that you don’t actually have to listen to it.’ Your ears naturally tune it out.’ Make the 5th symphony your ring tone.’ Who cares?’