Nancy Kissel has failed in her efforts for a retrial in what the public has come to know as the “milkshake murder.”  In 2003 Kissel dosed her husband with a milkshake full of sedatives and bashed his head in with a heavy object.  In 2005 she was sentenced to life in prison, and Monday inHong Kong a judge denied her the opportunity for a new trial.  The couple moved to Hong Kongwith their three children in 1997, where her investment banker husband worked for Goldman Sachs’ and Merrill Lynch.Â

The scandal alluded to Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho due to alleged drug use and kinky sex prominent amongst bankers in the financial hub of Asia.  The act was said to be made in self defense.  (How this could be true after you drug someone into a state of unconsciousness I don’t know.  I’ve seen enough TV to understand the word premeditation.) According to Kissel, her husband often drank whiskey, snorted cocaine and mandated sex.  She took huge steps to cover up the murder, not limited to rolling her dead husband up in an oriental rug, sealing it with plastic wrap and calling someone to move it into storage.  She also accused the deceased of abusing of their child, which was argued false by the maid. Her lawyers are still planning an appeal. –posted by Robert Shipton.