Al Pacino once did something Michael Corleone would have been truly disappointed in.  In 1961, he was popped for carrying a concealed weapon.  I wonder how Corleone would have dealt with Pacino?  Here’s the story… He and two other buddies were stopped after police noticed the trio driving around wearing black masks and gloves.  Upon inspection of their vehicle, the police found a .38 caliber handgun in the trunk of the car.  Impressive artillery for actors, which was the story they gave the cops.  They were merely actors working with props.  Apparently Pacino already had some Corleone in him, and was reported to have been especially friendly to the police, making it easier on him and his friends.  Pacino spent three days in jail and the charges were later dropped.  Â I guess life experience prepared Pacino pretty well for the Godfather saga.  Practice does make perfect after all.