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Beverly Gardens Park

This exceptionally-shaped park found nearby the Rodeo Drive is the location of some of the yearly festivals in Beverly Hills, just like the “Beverly Hills Food Festival” in June and the “Affaire in the Garden” in May and October.
It was built way back in 1911, featuring narrow green gardens and lawns that measure up to two miles, and runs a course of 14 blocks parallel to Santa Monica’s northwest side, and which is also the whole length of Beverly Hills itself. It is within reason a very mesmerizing park, boasting of the elegant park benches made of stone, a rose garden, fountains, a lily pond, an unusual cactus garden, tall trees, and a path made of gravel for those who want to jog. Rest assured, it is a safe location to jog because of the Beverly Hills Police Station that is situated directly west from it.
Found near Elm Street is a small rose garden, as well as many other beds of colourful flowers found just a little bit south from the place. Taking up the whole block between Bedford Drive and Camden Drive on the other hand, is garden filled with cactus, a collection of cacti that is considered to be one the largest in the planet.
A little more to the south is the Good Shepherd Church, where stars such as Bing Crosby and Rudolph Valentino were known to attend mass. Close by is the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, which held the funeral of Jimmy Stewart in 1997.
Between Canon Drive and Crescent Drive, a noticeable statue made of bronze is in the middle of the park, named as “Hunter and Hounds”. The history of how the statue arrived in Beverly Hills started when a banker named W.D. Longyear visited a spot in France where his beloved son was killed during World War I. In that location, which was nearby Chateau Thierry, he saw a statue that was filled with holes in effect of the battle that took place. He then bought the statue in 1925 and shipped it to Beverly Hills, where it was seen standing on his front lawn for a lot of years. During Armistace Day, memorial ceremonies were then held at the statue. When he and his family decided to move away from Beverly Hills, they gave the statue away as a gift to the city, which was then placed in its current location which is the Beverly Gardens Park.
The lovely “Electric Fountain” can be seen near the southwest portion of the park. During night time, a array of colored lights make it come to life. Even if its effects are perceived to be just simple compared from today’s technology, back when it was built in 1931, it was quite an eye-catching treat and had even been considered to be somewhat avant-garde of its time. The mother of actor Harold Lyod was the one who helped raise funds for its creation.

In every eight minutes, you will get to see 60 different effects produced becaus of the multi-hued lights and water jets that it has. At the top of the fountain, an Indian statue that is praying can be seen which was sculpted by Merle Gage. The model for the said statue was Gradin Newsom who was said to be part Cherokee.
In the comedy movie “Clueless” in 1995, the fountain was seen during a scene where the actress Alicia Silverstone has come to a conclusion that she is in love with Josh.

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