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Crossroads of the World

6671 Sunset Boulevard (at Las Palmas),
Hollywood, CA. (323) 463-5611

In Walt Disney World in Florida, a copy of the “Crossroads of the World” can be found upon entering Disney’s mini version of the Hollywood Boulevard. The original, however, can be found right on Sunset Boulevard.

It has been branded as “L.A.’s first modern shopping mall” due to the various tiny selections of shops it possess. Put up in 1936, this landmark perhaps got attention because of its extraordinary structure. The heart of this project was made to resemble a mini ocean liner, with an appearance of being an Art Deco made with the corresponding portholes, life preservers, railings, and decks. Surrounding it is a village composed of tiny bungalows with a European touch. To further enhance the highlight, it boasts of a 30 feet high Streamline Modern tower, with an 8-foot globe of the planet Earth revolving on top of it.
However, what was once a known as a retail shopping mall, has now become an office complex that tends to be quiet. But like other Hollywood Landmarks, it is still in a very good condition, and as well as open to the public.

Nowadays, there is pretty much nothing that a visitor can do here other putting an end to one’s curiosity. Besides the offices that now mainly occupy the place, there had been art galleries like the Tinlark Gallery and the Kite and Overdun seen at the place.
Crossroads of the World though is such a sight to see. So if you are a person who loves to take pictures of very good sceneries, you better get that camera of yours ready. Featuring the Crossroads was the 1993 movie “Indecent Proposal”, starring Demi Moore, and the 1997 movie noir “L.A. Confidential” , starring Danny DeVito.

From the 1975 album “America’s Greatist Hits” by the popular group “America”, an illustration of the Crossroads center was known to have been made.
Entering Crossroads from Sunset Boulevard, found a little bit to north and back end of the center is a tiny lighthouse and an attractive Bavarian structure, complete with a wishing well, gabled roofs, and a fountain.
Every year, the “Hollywood Art Affair” is being held at the Crossroads during September, bringing out 70 artists or more to be able to exhibit their artworks. Of course, present is the food and live music which makes it a great opportunity to satisfy your curiosity.
A parking lot is located on La Palma, as well as a street parking, which are both situated north of the Sunset Boulevard. The place is usually virtually empty on Sundays.

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