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The Ivy

Attracting a lot of Hollywood’s famous celebrities and notables, The Ivy is considered to be among Los Angeles’ favorite meeting place of stars. Being a place that features such an open space and a patio, a lot of photographers stay outside waiting to have the chance of taking some pictures of stars.

In 2003, showing up at the place after their controversial wedding postponement was Ben Affleck and J-Lo. The photographers got their fair share of pictures of the two stars. There are a few in the media who say that both celebrities went there to put an end to the talk that was going around that they their relationship was over.

In the film “Get Shorty” in 1995, “The Ivy” was seen when Danny DeVito had a meeting with John Travolta, then seen ordering food of vast amount, and then leaving before the orders arrived.

If you would take a closer look at a 1992 hit movie called “The Bodyguard”, there you will see a part where Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner came out of from restaurant in Beverly Hills, and where a mother and daughter stopped them for the sake of an autograph. The bodyguard, played by Kevin, then tried to intervene, but did not get the results he was after since Whitney had a picture taken with them, as well as give them her autograph before stepping inside into a long white limo.  The venue and the restaurant where it took place was in fact the Ivy.


On just a regular day, you might just get lucky to see stars who may be having lunch there such as Kiefer Sutherland, Anjelica Huston, Tori Spelling, Kevin Sorbo, Rachel Hunter, Tim Burton, and even Demi Moore, who considers the restaurant as her favorite.


Other celebrities spotted include Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt, Renne Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Lisa Kudrow, Penelope Cruz, Conan O’Brien, Melanie Griffith, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Mandy Moore, and Beyonce.


This place may possibly be just the restaurant that has a white fence around it which is covered with ivy in all of Los Angeles.  Inside, the dining rooms showcase primitive antiques, a great deal of flowers, and homely touches. They serve American food on their menu, which have strong influences from Louisiana or Cajun Specialties, as well as good desserts as expected since it started out catering “L.A. Desserts”. Usually, people here are seen to have conversations with each other, jumping from one table to another when having lunch.


The star from the TV show “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Ray Romano, was known to have expressed to like having dinner at the Ivy during Saturdays. Another notable star sighting was Faye Dunnaway who decided to celebrate her 53 years of existence at the place. Known to love their corn chowder was Peri Gilpin from “Frasier”. Noted as calling it “French food without the attitude,” and saying “you always see a star here” was Joan Rivers.


During Easter in 2001, a reader spotted Jennifer Lopez with her friends, and as well as Jacqueline Smith.


In the later part of the year in 1998, all spotted dining in one table were stars Kenneth Branagh, Steve Martin, and Helena Bonham Carter. Kerri Strug, an Olympic gymnast, and Laker legend Jerry West have been said to like the restaurant. While a lot of people prefer the patio, Lyle Lovett likes to stay inside. Andy Dick, known as “Matthew” from NewsRadio, said that he was able to order a $60 glass of port for a few times during his visits in the Ivy. Even the famous late Michael Jackson was seen to dine here at some time.


It has now existed for ages. Actors who once worked here were Ashley Judd, plus comedian Louis Anderson, who in his story says that he got his big break back in the 80’ when he was tasked to pick up the lunch check of worth $600 for Eddie Murphy and his companions.


In spite of the French yet simple charm that it shows, it is able to serve stars, and its prices tend to be extremely high.  It was criticized though in a review seen from the L.A. Times, with reports such as having terrible food and bad service. It seems as though that food is not the reason behind the popularity of the Ivy, because it turns to be a case of seeing and wanting to be seen.


The Ivy opens everyday for lunch, starting at 11:30 am to 3:30 pm, while dinner is served from 6pm to 11pm. You can wear semi-formal attire here. Valet parking also comes out to be necessary. Reservations need to be done in advance.


Another branch that they have is seen at 1541 Ocean Ave, in Santa Monica. They call it “Ivy At The Shore” where stars such as Peter Fonda, Sean Penn, Donal Sutherland, Danny DeVito, Laura Dern, and Maria Schriver have also been spotted at. You can contact them through their number: (310) 393-3113.

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