Jim Morrison was a known notorious youngster and has had his own encounters against the law. This famous lead vocalist of the band “The Doors” was a rebellious young lyricist and the way he did his songs was somewhat related to his attitude in real life. He was arrested many times in his short life and his arrest on December 9, 1967 gave way to the mug shot above.

Morrison was accused of public misconduct for apparently provoking a riot when he announced during his concert that a policeman sprayed him and his girlfriend with mace earlier before the show. He was charged with breaching of peace, immoral exhibition and resisting arrest. He was able to go out of jail after posting $1,500 bail and the charges against him were later dropped excluding “breach of peace” for which he was fined 25 dollars.

Morrison died at a young age of 27 but his death is still covered with mystery as there was no autopsy performed to determine the actual cause of his death. He was said to have died due to heroin overdose.