Four students were arrested at Churchill County High in Fallon, Nev. after one of them refused to take off their bandana.  The school was on lockdown for over an hour, and the 17 year-old was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. The other three were arrested for interfering with a public officer.Â


It’s hard to say how to feel about something as silly as this.  I went to Catholic school and experienced firsthand the type of trauma that a dress code can inflict on a young person.  These essential problems arise: conformity, horniness (because of the Victorian ideals concerning sex), and sweating.  I think it’s endearing that the kid’s three comrades decided to go after a cop because they were hassling their buddy.  I’m sure they felt like they were being picked on and were doing a righteous thing by standing up to authority.  But no righteous act was committed here because we are talking about a bandana, an accessory mind you, not even worthy of being considered clothing, merely the poor man’s tiara (if worn upon the head).  It just seems trite to me to make a stink over such an issue.  Certainly it should never have reached the point of resisting arrest, and the school staff and police are just as much to blame for that as the kids. But in the end, the question I ask is are you really going to go to jail over a bandana?–posted by Robert Shipton